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Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History 2024



Clare Parry


Clare is going into her third year of PhD research and is this years committee chair. Clare's thesis is titled: 'Displaying Empire: Imperial Approaches to Power and Identity in Persia and the Near East'. Her research interests include:

- Ancient Persia, Egypt and the Near East

- Iconography and Material Culture


Sean Strong


Sean is currently writing up his thesis to be submitted early in 2024. His thesis is titled: 'General and Rulers in Theophylact Simocatta's History: Ideals and Practices of Roman and Sassanian Leadership in an Age of Transition'. HIs research interests include: 

- Late Antiquity and Byzantium

- Arsacid and Sasanian Iran


Kieran Blewitt

Kieran will be going into his second year of the PhD and his thesis title is: 'Soft Power and Civic Identity in Magna Graecia: Re-Evaluating the Revolts of the Second Punic War'. His research interests include:

- International Relations in Roman Italy

- Roman Historiography and Material Culture of Magna Graecia


Ludovico Runco

Ludovico is going into his second year of the Phd and is also the designer of this year's AMPAH logo. His thesis is titled: 'The ethnogenesis of the Brettians: a product of the Ver Sacrum?' His research interests include:

- Ethnicity and Mobility in Antiquity

- Pre-Roman Italy


Teifion Gambold

Teifion will be going into his fourth year of a part-time PhD. His thesis is titled: 'The impact of the Roman military 'officer class' on the transformation of power and identity expression in trans-frontier social structures, 200-600 CE'. His research interests include: 

- Late Roman Military History

- Identity, Ethnicity, and Mobility in Late Antiquity

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